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Food and products sharing program


             In a prosperous city like Hong Kong, many people think that it is consequently to have  plenty of food and products for them in everyday, According to a research report about the discarding leftovers and resources, the estimated total cost of discarding leftovers from convenience store, food manufacturers, food wholesalers and retailer is HKD$61,364,134. According to our knowledge, many commercial organizations will discard many resources because of reducing the storage cost or  mismatch with the company's advertisements.


          However, there are some people in Hong Kong are lack of food and resources. In the case of large amount of discarding resources and people lack of food and resources. Our "Food and products sharing" program will operate "Food and products bank" to help them. We receive these edible food and usable products which are prepared for discarding and share with 

people in need. We hope this program can smooth any economical stress and pressure of people by our support.  

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