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School result progress scheme

        In Hong Kong, students alway be taught that "Get 100 marks" and "Become the champion" in any subjects's exams in their school. However, there is only one seat for the winner. In school , the students who are being awarded scholarship or other awards always belongs to the first few ranks. Sadly, students who get the first few ranks are the same each year. For the other, they can only watch them being award on the platform. This situation gives an strong impression that they are being ignored in the society, their efforts are not being recognized. 

        To deal with this matter, we set up a "School result progress scheme" for them. In this scheme, a student who has any advancement, even it is only 1 mark advancement in any subject will be awarded with a present. This helps students to know that their efforts have been recogized. Also, it improves students's motivations and encourage them to have more achievements in their study . We hope this scheme can let their parents know the efforts of their children have not been wasted. 


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